Feb 12, 2012
Went to see the latest Mission Impossible film, and as we were leaving, there was a roped off section with 3 guys standing in it for the showing of SW:E1. Had to remind myself why I didn’t want ...

Princess Leia Centerfold

Feb 4, 2012
Today’s awesome piece of Geek Art comes from DeviantArt artist blitzcadet, and it’s called Princess Leia Centerfold. via GeekTyrant...

Slurp Sabers

Jan 28, 2012
Please suggest double entendres in the comments.


Jan 27, 2012
French fast food chain Quick to create the above Jedi, Dark and Dark Vador Burgers Anyone in France able to get a couple of these and tell us how they are?  pictures of it? viaTopless Robot....

Star Wars Saga Sheet Set

Jan 27, 2012
This Star Wars Saga sheet set is out of this world! Cool Darth Vader, Lightsaber, geometric and checkered graphics will have your child feeling the force. Your little Jedi will look forward to bedtime...

Star Wars Lightsaber Lamp

Dec 9, 2011
Add ambient light and an air of elegance to your room with this Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Table Lamp! Based on the famous weapon carried by Darth Vader, this beautiful lamp comes with a black l...