Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Cube Tray

The Han Solo Ice Cube Tray comes with room for six (6) small, 1.75″ Han Solos and one (1) large, 3.5″ Solo. We’re pretty sure that Boba Fett would be happy with just one smuggler on ice but seven would be a serious payday! The silicone on the mold is good down to -40F so don’t try using these on Hoth. They should be fine in your average household freezer though.

Product Specifications

Officially-Licensed Star Wars Collectible
Freezer safe down to -40F
7 Han Solos (6 small and 1 large)
Still only worth one bounty
Bounty Hunter Pro Tip: For crystal clear ice, boil the water twice before pouring it into the tray (allowing the water to cool between each boil). The boiling “deareates the water (i.e. forces dissolved air molecules out). This process also works on various life forms when preparing them for “long term storage”.

via ThinkGeek

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