Amy Ratcliffe on SyFy Wire

SyFy Wire recently featured Amy Ratcliffe:

Ratcliffe is a stage host at Star Wars Celebration, has co-hosted popular Star Wars podcasts (currently Lattes With Leia, formerly Full of Sith), written numerous articles for Star Wars Insider, and writes for the official Star Warswebsite. Currently, she’s working as the managing editor for Nerdist and still writes about Star Wars. When it was announced that she would be authoring a new Star Wars book called Women of the Galaxy, I don’t think anyone was surprised. She’s a perfect fit.

Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy takes a look at 75 different characters from a galaxy far, far away. Each one is written about by Ratcliffe and new art has been commissioned by a team of 18 female and non-binary artists for each one.

Check out the Amy Ratcliffe author page to view other sightings and a full list of books!

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